Pourer Caps

Correct Neck?

This is an important question. The cap and the glass product have to have the same neck finish, otherwise it won’t be a proper fit and your product won’t be properly sealed. This is easily solved by always checking and matching the letters and numbers. A good and common example is DIN18, where DIN is the industry standard in Europe and 18, the neck size.

Plenty of Types

Our customers, all over the world, are looking for a particular type of cap. That’s why we offer such an extensive range. That includes series II, III and IIID, but also child-resistant and tamper-evident caps.

Your Questions Answered

What are the options? Is this the best cap for this glass bottle? How will it work with my product? There are so many questions to take into consideration, when choosing your packaging. We’re here, it’s our pleasure to provide our professional advice, whenever you need it.

Making Matching Easier

Our website has been designed to make matching caps and glass bottles as easy as possible. All you have to do is click on a closure, that will take you to a product overview page, with all the general information you need. Including the corresponding glass products, when you scroll down the page.