Cosmetic bottle Jade 10 ml, 13/415, Flint

General information

Item code: HD13771-100
Product type: cosmetic bottles
Glass capacity (ml): 10
Design-serie: JADE
Material: Flint glass
Capacity to brimful: 12.5
Capacity to fill point: 10
Diameter (mm): 19 + 0.6 0.6
Height (mm): 97.5 + 0.8 -0.8
Lockable: No
Weight (gram): 32.5
Product information
This sophisticated and well-crafted glass bottle is part of the Jade design series, named after the little plants rich in meanings and symbolism – representing luck, success and wealth in many belief systems. The packaging is perfect for cosmetic products and travel-sized perfumes due to its compact and elegant size. The bottle has a capacity of 10 ml (1/3-oz), a height of 97.5 ±0.8 mm and a weight of 31.5 grams. It comes with a 13/415 neck finish to match the various closures listed below.

Product Sustainability Label

Product Sustainability Label
  • Designed for recycling
  • Made from recycled content
  • CO2 friendly produced
  • Made in Europe
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