Foods and

Packaging food, such as spices, food ingredients, herbs, tea, coffee, and more, is of paramount importance today - both in function and form. The right packaging protects food quality and attracts customers. Glasmeister offers a range of glass bottles and glass jars for every kind of high-quality food product.

Bottle It Up

One of the leading industry trends is the rising interest in products that promote beauty from within. Take collagen as an example. This ingredient has seen significant growth over the past few years, mainly because of the benefits it offers for hair, skin, nails, and joints. So why not bottle them in premium glass? We offer a variety of eco-luxe packaging that can safely store food without the risk of chemicals leaching into it. Glass is the ideal choice for vegetable oils, syrups and much more.


Put It in Jars

While technological advances improve the ability to trace food from production to consumption, this could also accelerate the demand for locally produced and sustainable packaging. At Glasmeister, we offer European and CO2-friendly produced glass for various storage solutions. Take our jars, for example, which are ideal for storing regional herbs, spices and tea.


The Finishing Touch

With a wide choice of lids, caps, and pourer inserts, there is always a suitable closure for your food or pharmacy product. Each closure comes with a set of functionalities and pouring solutions to ensure the perfect application.


The use of glass in the kitchen can help create a proper oxygen and moisture barrier and doesn't contaminate the food with toxins. Our sealed, tamper-evident or child-resistant closures add more positive value to this, giving a clear signal to your buyers that food safety and quality have your highest priority.

Our glass bottles and jars are elegant, better for the environment, are versatile and suitable for storing different types of food such as herbs, coffee, and tea. Are you in need of packaging for storing liquids, such as drinks, syrups, or oils? Then check out our larger glass bottles with matching closures. We also offer wide mouth jars and long-term food storage containers for packing dry goods such as rice, wheat, oats, sugar, salt, spices and more. After being used as containers, these jars can be reused to store other items or food products, or even as a decorative element.