Nutrition and

In drugstores and perfumeries, you will find more and more nutritional and wellness products, from herbal supplements, vitamins, minerals and essential oil blends to tinctures, creams, and hemp-based oils.

Transparant Bottles

A major market trend revolves around the demand for clean labels and minimal processing. More companies are reformulating their products to contain fewer ingredients and removing or replacing artificial ingredients with more natural options. Besides the contents of a product, it is also important to consider the packaging. So why not bottle products like extracts and treatment oils in glass? It's non-porous, impermeable and environmentally friendly.


On the Edge of the Jar

The boundaries between food and supplements are blurring as functionality becomes a priority for consumers, especially in areas such as mood management. As an example, the use of adaptogens such as ashwagandha and nootropics like L-theanine are increasing in popularity due to their stress-relieving and mood-enhancing properties. What better way to store these types of ingredients in an eco-friendly, non-leachable packaging with an appealing aesthetic?



With a wide choice of pipettes, dropper caps, lids, and pressure sensitive seals, there is always a suitable closure for your natural or well-being products. Each closure is designed with thoughtful features to ensure the perfect application.


The different design series allow you to choose the type of packaging that suits your product. For example, is it important that the product flows easily from the packaging? Then you can opt for slender rounded shoulders. Are you looking for a more daring design? Consider our angular models. Suitable closures are available for every option. For essential oils, for example, it is advisable to choose a pipette, or a dropper insert. This makes it possible to dose a product drop by drop, which allows you to apply it accurately in the right amount and at the desired location. A dropper also ensures that your product does not become contaminated during use.