With fragrance products such as eau de perfume, you want your packaging to stand out on the shelf. With a luxury product like this, not just the scent, but also the packaging plays a big role in selling an experience. The different design series we offer provides you with a wide choice in what you want to communicate with your perfume. Do you opt for a round, playful shoulder? Or a more daring angular packaging? We are happy to work with you to help you find the right design that suits your brand.

Bottle It Up

With centuries of European craftsmanship and the science of sustainability, we have created an impeccable series of eco-luxe bottles that seamlessly fit today’s grooming habits, especially since perfumes symbolise a person’s style, individuality, and personality. Whether you want to bring a perfume, cologne, body spray or other scented body product to the market, it will surely fit perfectly in one of our perfume bottles.


Finishing Touch

Some of the most common natural ingredients used in perfumes are flowers, fruits, grasses, leaves, spices, and wood. No matter what fragrance composition you have chosen, it is vital to have a closure that will easily and subtly disperse your formulation for an optimal product experience.


Throughout its long history, perfume has stood as a marker of social status; the glass bottle in which the perfume was sold and collected helped to establish its prestige as well as that of its wearer. Just as the composition of perfume has evolved over the centuries from blends of scented oils to mixtures of multiple and synthetically derived compounds, so too has the glass perfume bottle adapted to the changing times.

The packaging should reflect the goods inside, represent the clean, high-performing ingredients, and tell your brand story. Whether you are in need of something feminine, elegant and ornate, powerful and strong, or simply fresh, Glasmeister glass will make your product stand out on the shelf.