Personal and

Home Care

Personal and home care products should be easy to use, radiate style and give a luxurious feel. Over the years, home care products have become a real eye-catcher – even kitchen essentials like dish or hand soap becomes ‘kitchen couture’ in our glass.

A Message in a Bottle

The home care market is forecasted to grow at a 5% CARG until 2028. Factors such as trendy and eco-conscious lifestyles are driving the growth of this market. This market promotes everything from personal care and cleaning products to decorative items. Growing innovations and developments in product offerings (including packaging) are expected to generate long-term growth opportunities. With Glasmeister’s latest technologies and renewable energy sources, we help you bring eco-friendly bottles to the market that fit today’s lifestyle demands.


Circular Jars

In addition to the eco-luxe glass bottles, we also offer a series of eco-luxe jars. These are all produced with ‘reuse, reduce, and recycle’ in mind. This is great news because according to several studies, over 20% of consumers worldwide prefer products with packaging that is sustainable and/or made from recycled materials.


Closing the Deal

The home care market faces high competition. Many companies differentiate their products by their ingredients, fragrances, and packaging to gain a competitive advantage. However, functionality is also one of the differentiating factors. That is why our assortment is composed of a wide range of closures, each with its own function and dispensing solution. After all, the closure is the very first thing consumers will try when testing or using your product.


We sell bottles with pump caps for lotions and gels, and jars for creams, scrubs or bath salts. Plus, you will find a variety of sprayers in our range - including fine mist sprays, meant to gently spray the product over a larger area to avoid soaking or saturation. This option is perfect for room fragrance or hair and body sprays. Whether it is hair, hand, or body care, body wash, deodorant or shampoo, it all looks fabulous in our eco-luxe design series. Our design series Willow, Zinnia and Laura are perfect for this. They have an attractive, long shape, so you can beautifully use them for instance as a room perfume spray or fragrance sticks, then reuse them afterwards as a vase.

Clean, clinical, simple, functional, modern, and minimalist are descriptors often used by those developing personal and home care product. Glasmeister offers a total package of sustainable solutions; the products are long-lasting and reusable. You don't need plastic bottles to package your room sprays, soaps, or hair care products when you can use eco-friendly Glasmeister glass bottles.

The packaging should reflect the products inside, showcasing the pure, clinical, or natural ingredients, and conveying the true purity of the ingredients in each of the glass bottles or glass jars.

We have developed elegant refill solutions so that consumers would only need to replace only the minimum necessary and prevent packaging from entering the waste cycle at all. It could be an interesting and eco-friendly touch, for instance, for hairdressers and beauty salons to have their products refilled as opposed to buying a new replacement every time.