2022: The Year of Sand,
Limestone and Soda Ash

Sand, limestone and soda ash. Natural and abundant raw materials. Mixing these ingredients at very high temperatures creates a miracle: glass. A recyclable and sustainable wonder, with a history dating back to around 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. The continuing marvel of glass and all its uses in our everyday life is celebrated this year by the United Nations International Year of Glass. Acknowledging the importance and contribution of glass to global society.

Year of glass packaging suppliers

Making Sustainable More Sustainable

As we all know, these days one of the biggest challenges we face is to make our society more sustainable, in every way possible. So, how do you make something that is already sustainable even more sustainable? You make it lighter. You produce it in modern highly advanced electric furnaces powered by renewable energy, like wind and solar. You reuse a combination of recycled and scrap glass. You use local resources close to where the glass is produced, reducing the CO2 footprint to the bare minimum. You do all this by choosing Glasmeister.

Glasmeister's sustainable flint glass series

The Very Best Glass, Made in the Very Best Way

Glasmeister is a new company offering durable and luxurious glass packaging. In other words, ecologically friendly luxury, the very best glass made in the very best way possible. Elegant bottles and jars for cosmetics, skincare, perfume and personal use at home. Perfect for natural products, that provide both inner and outer beauty. Glasmeister is a celebration of how we can create something beautiful by working with nature.

Glasmeister's sustainable glass packaging

A Better World Needs
a Better Partner

Of course, as well as a better world, customers want to work with the best partner. Though Glasmeister is new, the team behind this new glass have vast experience in the glass making, producing, transporting and designing business. Offering a wealth of knowledge in glass craftsmanship, while at the same time, the latest technical know-how. Able to support, advise and mentor companies on their sustainable journey to recyclable, refillable and durable glass bottles, jars and stoppers. Offering not only an extensive selection, but also, order flexibility and short lead times. For large or small quantities, and we’re happy to maintain stock on our client’s behalf. All part of our eco-conscious service.

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