Since the very first concept, Glasmeister has been committed to doing business in a responsible way. Our glass is sourced with care and consideration, from selecting sustainable glass packaging and locally sourced materials to using recycled content in our products. Yet we see these as the first steps toward a better future. We are working to further integrate sustainability into our design process and are looking for innovations that will make our products, decoration techniques as well as production facilities more sustainable. Within this journey we proudly became rewarded with the ISO 14001 certificate. A great recognition that will push us even further.

Keep it Lightweight

Some products are lightweight, resulting in higher volume capacity or smaller dimensions vs the original packaging. These products are made with the minimum amount of material without compromising the quality and strength of the bottle or jar, which also has a positive effect on transportation costs and CO2 emissions.

CO2 Friendly Production

Our sustainable glass packaging is produced in a CO2-friendly way thanks to the use of highly advanced furnaces equipped with the latest technology to limit emissions. In the years to come, our partners and we will continue to pilot new technologies and alternative resources such as hydrogen and biofuel to reduce the carbon footprint throughout the entire product journey.

Renewable Energy

The factories and our offices are operated where we can with green electricity. For this, certified CO2-free electricity is obtained from renewable energy sources, guaranteeing lower carbon emission. For example, in some cases, 1 kWh of CO2-free green electricity can replace 2 kWh of fossil natural gas!

Design for Recycling

Our sustainable glass packaging is highly recyclable and, therefore, never lost. Especially not with us. The glass cullet and fragments are simply remelted and returned to the material cycle. In this way, continuous recycling is ensured. By processing internal and external cullet where possible, we reduce both our energy consumption and emissions – and all that without compromising on quality.

Less Transport Distance

Everything from Glasmeister is produced in Europe, all materials are sourced locally where possible, and all handling and decoration is done at the same location when feasible. We ship directly from our warehouse to you. This minimizes the need for transport because the lines are short. It also ensures that less CO2 is emitted and that the process is as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Circular Reuse Solution

No matter how ecological we want the production to be, the most sustainable solution out there is to simply re-use the bottle or jar or spray/pump/etc. Elegant refill solutions are developed for this purpose, so that the consumer only has to replace the minimum necessary and the packaging does not end up in the waste cycle. In that way, we can all make sustainable glass packaging even more sustainable.