We specialise in eco-luxe primary packaging for different markets. For this, our range consists of a variety of different designs, sizes, and colours of glass. All of which have a matching accessory in our portfolio.

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Glasmeister Glass Jars: Making Sustainable Packaging More Sustainable

Glass is a magical material with so many properties and purposes. Naturally sustainable in an industry that is continually evolving. Glasmeister is playing an active role in this development. We look at every aspect of the glass-making process, from the raw materials we use, to the method of production, to the final product. As well as finding the right (closest) suppliers and partners. Working together to limit our collective carbon footprint.

Glass Bottle Supplier

We supply glass bottles and jars for many industries all over the world. The extensive Glasmeister bottle and jar collection includes dropper bottles, cosmetic jars and bottles, perfume bottles, vitamin jars and wide neck jars.

Less Is More Environmentally Friendly

Using less glass means more sustainable packaging. Lighter packaging, without compromising on quality or strength. Also, less raw materials, less transport costs and less CO2 emission. What’s more, we will continue to innovate and test new approaches to make even less impact on our wonderful world.

Clean European Eco-Luxe Packaging

Eco-luxe stands for ecologically friendly luxury. So, not harming the planet, while not sacrificing on superior quality and design excellence. Glasmeister is one of Europe’s leading glass manufacturing companies in this category. Offering an extensive range of bottles and jars, but also an option for personalisation with a wide choice of colours and styles.

Flint Glass

Called flint glass because it was originally made from flint. It’s also known as Crystal or Lead Crystal, as well as transparent or clear glass, it is highly prized for its brilliance, clarity and highly refractive quality. When it was first created, over 400 years ago, it ushered in a new style of glassmaking. A tradition we hope to take to the next level, providing premium glass bottles and jars for highly exclusive products.

Opal Glass

Also known as milk glass or white glass. It has a translucent effect created by adding whitening agents, like fluorides. It’s “tempered” or cooled very quickly during the production process making opal glass five times harder than normal glass, which can withstand large temperatures changes. It’s ideal for personal care packaging.

Amber Glass

Iconic amber glass is perfect for pharmaceutical products, protecting the contents from UV light. In fact, this glass absorbs the most comprehensive range of light waves from the light spectrum. Beyond being aesthetically pleasing, it protects products for a longer period of time.

Brown Glass

The colour is a result of mixing materials like carbon, nickel and sulphur into molten glass. Our brown glass bottles and jars are a great choice for storing nutrition or cosmetics.

Squared, Round, Short or Tall?

Choosing the shapes of your glass bottles or jars depends on many things. For example, squared bottles and jars are very efficient for storage and transportation. Whereas round glass jars and bottles are generally filled more quickly in an automated system. Aesthetics, function and economics also play an important role. Round bottles need less raw materials, scooping out a product is easier with a round jar, however square shapes tend to catch the eye more easily.

If you’re not sure about the shape or size, it’s always a good idea to contact us and we’ll help you make the right choice for your product.