Sustainable Glass Packaging

Our glass collection includes a wide range of eco-friendly and luxurious glass bottles, each with its own magnificent details. Our primary packaging varies in shape and size, and a select collection is also available as a lightweight packaging solution. Whichever design series you prefer, whether a small opal white jar or a big flint glass bottle, each sustainable glass packaging can be supplied with matching closures to meet your needs.


Aspen is a series of timeless glass jars named after the white stands of the Aspen tree that grows all year round - even in winter. The series includes five sizes, ranging from 5 to 100 ml, each with a special thread. Available in opal and flint glass.


The Azalea is a luxurious rectangular series in flint glass, aptly named after the colourful plant that is given as a good luck charm in Japan. The range includes 30, 50 and 100 ml bottles with a slender 18/400 and 20/410 thread. Additionally, there is a 50 ml option that is equipped with a 58 mm special thread.


The Bryn is a series of modern, wide cosmetic jars, named after Bryony, a climbing plant with greenish-white flowers. The series includes five sizes, ranging from 15 to 200 ml, with a 41 mm to 90 mm special thread. All jars can be supplied with a tamper-evident seal.


An eco-luxury cosmetic bottle named after the Calla lily flower for its unique and elegant shape – with a rounded bottom and a flatter top. This line is ideal for home fragrance sticks. The 100 ml flint glass bottle offers a design that makes your cosmetic brand stand out.


A series of modern cosmetic jars that can be combined with multiple lids and a tamper-evident seal. The range is named after the fairy tale-like Japanese flower, the ‘rose of winter’. The jars have a special thread and come in the sizes ranging from 5 to 240 ml.


Clementine is a functional range of roll-on packaging. Their handheld sizes make them perfect for deodorants, fitting well in a bathroom cabinet or are easy to take on the go. The design range is inspired by the hybrid fruit, which is often seen as a symbol of purity, happiness, and good fortune. Transparent, efficient and functional, the bottles are available in 50 and 75 ml capacities with 34 or 45 mm neck sizes.


This line of jars is designed with a thicker layer in the bottom that make the product appear elevated – adding a high-end dimension to your cosmetic or food products. The jars are available in 30, 75, 100 and 120 ml, all with a wide 53/400 thread for easy access.


The Ginger is a series of stylish, round dropper bottles with short-curved shoulders, a tamper evident ring, and DIN18 thread. With a wide range of matching closures, it is the ideal packaging for many types of products. It is available in amber and flint glass and in various sizes (5 - 100 ml).


A premium series characterised by a relatively large body and a distinctive round, domed-shaped neck, much like the leaves of the tree after which this series is named. The bottles are designed for perfumes and come in 50 and 100 ml capacities.


Jade bottles and jars are a sophisticated range of cosmetic packaging. Their compact and elegant size make them the perfect travel companions for various uses, from lip balms and creams to shades and perfumes. The items are named after the little plant that, in many belief systems, stands for luck, success and wealth. The bottles and jars are available in 5, 8 and 10 ml sizes and have a neck finish of 13/415 or 40/400.


This design series has a classic shape characterised by its rounded shoulders and high thread, plus a tamper evident ring. These dropper bottles come in flint glass and have a DIN18 thread. The bottles are available in many sizes, ranging from 5 to 100 ml.


A wide opening at the neck with rounded shoulders is a distinctive characteristic of the Juniper series. This design allows products like vitamins to be dosed easily. When combined with the matching lid, you get a classic retro look. The Juniper series is available in several sizes (30 – 300 ml).


A bottle collection with a unique, elegant, and luxurious straight round shape, characterised by its squared shoulders. The Laurel series is named after the herb that symbolises victory - a true hero item. Available in sizes from 15 to 100 ml and a 18/415 or 24/410 thread.


A lightweight designer cosmetics jar series, the Lime series is perfect for travelling due to its size and weight. These jars are especially suitable for concentrated creams, such as an eye cream. It is a series that is as fresh as the citrus fruit itself and is available as a 30 and 50 ml jar.


The classic round shape gives this cosmetic bottles a dynamic effect. Its thick bottom provides a luxurious appearance and makes the Linden both stable and robust. This line is available in various sizes (8 – 500 ml) with a 13/400 or 28/410 thread.


This lightweight (LW) design series is the perfect addition to our already sustainable collection. The new design has a thinner bottle and walls than the classic Linden, reducing the weight by up to 40% without compromising its aesthetic and strength. This collection is available in sizes from 30 up to 500 ml with neck finishes of 20/410, 24/410, and 28/410 threads.


With its elegant and distinct shape characterised by its rounded edges, the Lotus cosmetic bottle series offers a stylish look to your home fragrance products. This collection comes in flint glass and is available in 50 and 100 ml.


A series of classic glass bottles named after the night-blooming plant moonflower. With its playful shape, characterised by its round shoulders, it is a good match for any skin, hair or body care product. The Luna is available in six sizes with a E5, 22/410 or 24/410 thread.


A series of fully square bottles, this line is eponymous for the Myrtle plant with evergreen leaves containing essential oils. The chic look comes from the glass wall that thickens on the inside towards the bottom – ideal for luxury products of 15 – 100 ml.


A premium cosmetics series with a slightly concave bottom, the Olive is ideal for lip balms or night creams. This range is named after the valuable olive trees, which can live for centuries – representing a durable choice. It is available in six sizes, from 5 to 100 ml, with threads ranging from 33/400 to 58/400.


Rue is a series of intriguing vitamin jars named after the herb-of-grace that is often grown as a medicinal herb or condiment. This series includes two sizes, with 85 ml and 195 ml capacity, each with a standard neck finish.


Thyme is a line of well-designed series of syrup bottles. The glass containers are named after the beautiful herb that by itself contains a variety of minerals and vitamins that promote good health. The series includes various sizes ranging from 30 to 300 ml, each with a PP28 neck finish. Available in flint and amber glass.


A line of rectangular perfume or oil bottles named after Victor Reiter Rockrose, the evergreen floriferous tree. The glass wall becomes thicker towards the bottom, creating a chic effect. This is available as a 30, 50, and 100 ml flint glass bottles, with an FEA15 or 18/415 thread.


This jars’ wide opening is aligned with the body, giving it a chic look. They are available in different colours and heights, all of which are perfect for storing products like supplements and teas. The Violette series comes in four sizes, ranging from 100 to 250 ml.


The Willow is a series of long slender bottles aptly named for the willow tree, also called ‘tree of the wind’. This collection is characterized by its straight, slightly rounded shape. The 15 and 30 ml bottles have a 18/400 thread, and the 50 and 100 ml sizes have a 24/410 thread.


These two cosmetic bottles are named after the beautiful garden flowers, Zinnias. They have a straight, but sturdy, round shape and are available with a capacity of 15 and 30 ml. Each size has the same diameter and a 18/400 thread. The Zinnia is designed to pack oils, lotions, or make-up.